Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Surprise, surprise

The first surprise is we have an addition to the family. This is Google our kitten. So called because of his googly eyes! He is hopefully going to keep the house and garden free of rats and mice.. He is very entertaining which is just as well as there is no sign of a telly out here!!

The second surprise is that after 43 years I have got Dave onto a marriage course. Praise the Lord!! Tap's leadership team gathered at his house on Saturday and we suddenly found out they were going through a marriage course so there was no escape!

The third surprise is that I'm (June) leading the lifegroup tonight. The whole church is using the Chronological Bible Storytelling programme which has been devised for communities that are not used to reading. I'm hoping to liven things up a bit with some drama, so we may be thrown out before long!

The fourth surprise is that Dave has got involved in a ladies hairdressing salon! He was hopeful of a hair piece but they only do black and it didn't look good! The two ladies running the salon are in our life group and need help in managing the business as they have run into financial difficulties, so we are hopeful that with some business training, and financial support we can turn it around.

Now a prayer request for Martha. The lady in the photograph of children at Hamara school last time. She and her husband were in a very serious accident on Monday. She has a lot of broken bones and spinal injuries for which she is having an op today. Her husband escaped with less serious injuries but is still in hospital.

Well, hopefully thats all of the surprises for now, but will keep you updated.....

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  1. I knew Dave was destined for great things. Perhaps this hair salon is the beginning of a brighter future for him...