Sunday, 6 May 2012

Paint the town orange and brown!

As things move soooo slowly here, we decided to do something really practical and paint the inside of the church building (affectionately known as 1 BD) hoping that we would feel better as we saw some results for hard work. It turns out to be a bit like painting the Forth Bridge as the walls are very rough and need 3 coats! And you can guess why I get all the low bits to do can't you? Anyway it is already looking alot better and we hope that the water and electricity will be connected soon.

Dolly, one of the church members, is a health and safety inspector and has been handling the clearance of the building for use, so she has the contacts for the other things to be sorted. Unfortunately she has been very busy planning her wedding which took place on Saturday. The wedding was an amazing experience for us. Firstly, the person driving the bride to the school where the wedding was to be held, dropped out, so Dave was asked to step in. He was very pleased to do this as he is not a fan of weddings!! All the waiting around and trying to be polite to people just isn't his thing. He also wasn't prepared for the fact that out here a wedding is an excuse to go completely mad!

When he went to collect the bride there were about 6 cars in convoy, hooting their horns and lads hanging out of the windows waving and shouting. The other cars were also weaving in and out of each other and driving around in circles in the middle of the main high street where pedestrians cross the road at any point! Poor Dave was a quivering wreck by the time he got back, as he was sure someone would be killed...Not least of all him as his  gaurdian angel had jumped out of the car long ago!!
They really go over the top with weddings here as you can see by the decorations too. Each wedding has  a colour theme (this one was brown and orange) and not only were the 5 bridesmaid and 5 bridesmen! dressed in the colours but also the family members. There were 5 little people too all wearing white. The most interesting part was the catering as it was all done outside on open fires!(see below) I hope the Kings catering team are taking note!! Also the lady on the left is looking for a husband. Any volunteers!!
   Have to close here as the paint brushes are calling yet again!                                                                                          ( Just to add a new note here.... The internet went down just as I was about to post this and then I forgot about it next time I was on line so this is now Sunday the following week!! Hey Ho !!) Enjoy anyway.


  1. And I thought decorating our hall was hard work!!

    1. Loved the colours of the wedding hall.Always near the food aye Dave {;o)