Monday, 23 July 2012

Buildings and finance

Zesa is on and, although I have a mountain of washing up to do, after a dinner party last night, I'm choosing to write to you, our faithful followers! Zesa may well go off in the middle, so be warned this post may end very abruptly.. Supplies have been very erratic this past two weeks as the weather is distinctly cold in the evenings and mornings. We managed to track down some coal and have lit the fire a few evenings, but the chimney smokes so badly, its not a pleasant experience!!
The days are still quite hot so its a problem to know what to wear if you go out and are going to be out all day (common to you in England too).

Dave has been getting his hands (and everything else) dirty this week as he has been with the men putting down the concrete slab of Taurai's house. He had to sack the builder as he was pushing the price up all the time, so now it is a do-it-yourself build... Poor Taurai (joking)
They are going to try a new method of building using a thing called Finbuilder. Its a good thing we have Brad on board as the only thing Dave has built is a barn!!
I think he is enjoying doing something practical, although he says he is feeling his age.

I have somehow got roped into helping Taps and others develop workbooks for Foundations 4 Finance for use in life groups. (Finance is a big issue here as nobody has any money, people live by borrowing from friends, family etc.) Gottried Hetzer, who is an academic has written the books and my job is to try to bring the content down several levels for the ordinary man in the street and down again for the rural folk who possibly can't read at all. Quite a challenge, especially as I'm having trouble understanding some of Gottfried's material. Still its keeping me busy and out of mischief!

Taps and Flora are away for a well deserved holiday, without the children for a few weeks.
We are looking forward to a break when Martin and Polly arrive on Thursday and will fill you in on their visit later, hopefully with photos. Until then.....

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  1. Hi Dave & June,
    Me a bit cheeky June as if hehe !!!
    Hope you are receiving our e-mails as no replys to them,maybe it is just cyber space in Zim.??..
    Sorry to hear that Dave had to sack his builder not easy,and Dave havving to take a major part in "Hands on" is not easy he's certainly no Spring chicken,more like a plucked and stuffed Turkey methinks.Hope you are bearing up June you hardly speak English let alone understand Gottfrieds material!!And to hear that it is so cold is a worry for your OLD bones...Now seriuosly we pray daily for you for your welfare and your health,young people would find it hard to do what you are doing; and in Hindsight it should be young people not a couple of OLD CHOOKS out there in ZIM.. this is me "Just Sayin"
    Trust martin and Polly arrived safe and sound and can uplift and encourage you both.
    Love from Ted and Brenda xxx Kissess are for you June,ok maybe one for Dave.
    Love you heaps still miss you x{:o)