Monday, 8 October 2012

Exciting news!

Zenzo at 1BD
Meet Zenzo, a young man who has been working at 1BD since we started clearing the site. At first he lived in the building but now he and his wife live 2 hours walk away, but he is always at work by 7.30 when they start. Last week he asked if he could be born again and X, the site manager led him to the Lord!! A great encouragement to Dave and all of us and hopefully the first of many. He is such a hard worker and so appreciates having a job after being out of
work for so long.
                                                                                            The house is being wired and plumbed this week and is progressing well. The children have been meeting there for the past few weeks just to get them out of the sun, but now a start has been made on the children's building so hopefully they will soon have their own place to meet. 
We had an amazing time today, Sunday. Firstly we had our first meeting at St Peters, where the families have been relocated from the shacks. Taurai and Tendai, Graham and Sarah and Diva and Noma went over and they had a great time with 17 adults and 10 children there. So now Thembalezizwe has 3 congregations!
In Trenance, we had a guest speaker, an old friend of Taps, from Harare. The Holy Spirit really fell on people and many were set free and impacted by the message about healing of the heart. many people are bound by jealousy and by things from their past, so it was encouraging to see God moving so powerfully.
Sophie and Hannah outside their school
On Friday we were surrogate grandparents for Hannah and Sophie. Their Dad is an elder in the city church and each year their school has a grandparents day. We had the privilege of standing in as their grandparents are all in the UK. We were treated to tea and cakes, a short concert and then were able to look at their books. It was quite strange to see them still using the old fashioned desks with lids and to be sitting in rows, but it is a good Christian school although the fees are very high. All children have to pay fees each term here in Zim and they seem to go up all the time.

Kidz Klub number 5 went well on Saturday, although we have lost quite a few children to St Peters.
About 5 children brought friends for the first time so we keep encouraging them with extra sweets!!
The helpers are great but I am having a bit of an issue with reliability, so we will have to work on that!
We are well and doing fine. Please keep the comments coming!


  1. Hi Dave and June,what a great start to the blog..Zenzo born again !!! God is good aye.Great that the Church is growing wonderful news.And good that the electrics and the plumbing are at last going in.We are sure you enjoyed your surogate Grandparents days as would have Hannah & Sophie.Still praying for you two wonderful guys daily that God will be with you and uphold you.Ps84verse11....You are certainly walking uprightly..Blees you Love Ted & Brenda..

  2. Hi guys. We love reading the blog. Amazing to hear all that God is using you in. thank you for inspiring me and wend to run the race well.

    I'm call in the next few weeks