Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Quite difficult Q

Happy New Year!
To all our friends and readers. Thank you so much for your prayers, financial support and messages.
Don't quit quite yet!!
A quick catch up at the beginning of a New Year. Well Christmas was quite different from any other we have ever had. 
54 kids at Trenance enjoyed the party and food afterwards
We started to get quietly festive with the children's parties for Kidz Klub and Sunday school kids at both Hamara and Trenance the week before. For some, it was possibly the first party they had ever experienced. We played all the traditional games ( a few quibbles about who won, as normal, and that's just the adults!!) and then ended with food which is always a hit.

A queer Christmas morning was spent tidying up some of our vast garden and skyping our quality children and grandchildren. There were lots of questions from us, quizing them about who got what, did Danny get his two front teeth and the quantity of sweets Jess had managed to eat before 10am. ? No question, she is her father's daughter! It was lovely to see the family enjoying each other's company, but made us miss them even more!
At midday we went to spend the rest of the day with our lovely friends, Mark and Heather who produced a magnificent, quality lunch. No quibble it was the best meal I've had all year. Lamb with enormous quantities of veg.We quenched our thirst (it was a very hot day) by quaffing quantities of beer and wine and quietly quivered with mirth while watching highlights of Morecambe and Wise! A lovely time all round.
Dave's poses by the falls. Such a cool dude!

On Boxing Day, Dave and I managed to escape for a few days. He had been very busy up to Christmas delivering vegetables to the supermarkets and getting up very early. So off we went to Vic Falls. We found a very quiet place to stay and apart from visiting a crocodile farm we were able to just put our feet up and have quality time together.

Taurai, Dave and Diva showing their moves!!
Last night, New Years Eve was a night of prayer for the three congregations. It was a really great time of fun, fellowship, worship and of course prayer. Dave did a preach on Joshua which was very powerful and the Holy Spirit was very evident. By 4am I was ready for my quilt! It was nearer 5 by the time we had dropped everyone home and we got to bed for a couple of hours sleep.
So hope all this makes sense! We have been gardening again this morning but the weather is very wet. A quantity of quality rains have come on time this year which has been a real blessing to those who have planted maize. The only trouble is 1BD is now  a quagmire! We quip that poor Taurai and Tendai will soon start quacking! 
So its you who keeps us awake at night!!
To quote our quite quirky friend Caroline "Oh my word!!"Look who I met in the garden this morning. His ugliness made me feel quite queezy! We also had to kill another snake outside the back door last night which left me quaking and quivering but I was the one who chopped it in pieces using the hoe!! So now I'm the queen of snake killers!!

Well I must quit for now as there are a queue of other jobs to be done and I still have to add in the photos. Wishing you all, God's blessings in 2014 and a whole lot of fun.....


  1. Happy New Year to you both. xxxx

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  3. Well we think that you're quite inquedible (never could spell)