Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Yippee, farewell to Zim??

Arriving at X and Potias in the church truck
Yes our final blog from Zim! We arrive home three weeks yesterday.. so we are busy sorting out and saying our goodbyes. That is the yucky bit! We have made such lovely friends here but hopefully we can bless some of them by leaving them some of our possessions. Last Saturday the guys who work on the church site wanted to thank us and organised a braai at X and Portias house. They brought their wives and young children and it was a great time.

Dumi, Lewis and Zenzo singing
Lewis got the guitar out and together with Dumi and Zenzo, yodelled a song or two while we waited for food. Lewis is the zany looking yokel on the truck, Zenzo is with his wife at the front and Dumi is holding all the kids in the truck. His wife Rose is next to him and Portia is standing next to her with X behind.
Dumi, Lewis and Zenzo have yet to get their CD released!!
The food was yummy although we often yearn for some young lamb from the farm as the cows out here are mighty tough. You sometimes wonder if its really zebra!

 Last Sunday we visited the City church congregation. They have called it Hope Church  which is more suitable for the city. Thembalezizwe means hope of the nations so it is  closely linked. It now appears Dave is preaching there this Sunday so another visit is imminent!

The beginning of the meeting in the newly renovated venue

Many, many thanks to all the people who support the ECD school so wonderfully. We were able to give the new little ones a tracksuit each for this cold weather and they were so thrilled. The parents came to say thank you too. They look absolutely beautiful in them, as you can see.
The young ones are making very good progress and absolutely love coming to school. They are always there, unless ill and arrive really early.
Beautiful smiles from beautiful children
And a wave goodbye!
                                                                       Yes,  Zero hour is zooming in on us and Zimbabwe will soon be a memory of yesterday... Yet we know we will soon be yearning to return and will as soon as we can, to continue to support all we have done in the past years.

So its goodye from him and goodbye from me! AND GOODBYE ZIMBABWE.....

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