Thursday, 4 April 2013

H is for HAPPY!

The 'men', Taurai, Graham, Wilson, Dave and X talking business!

Happy Easter! A bit late, I know, but sincerely wished all the same! We had a lovely time at Graham and Sarah's on Good Friday, eating in the garden with some of the other Thembalezizwe leaders and families. The children loved the pool and it was great just to relax.
The children having fun in the pool
Happy Day! Then on Easter Sunday we had a guest service which Dave preached at. There were at least 15 guests and 4 responses to the Gospel. I had managed to make some blinds for two of the windows so  Dave could use the projector for a powerpoint presentation for the first time. The catering team did a great job of providing cakes and serving drinks afterwards too. A really powerful morning.

Samu with the children before the wheel came off!
 Happy Holidays are now being enjoyed by the school children here including the E.C.D. We have 5 weeks off in all! 

Dave and X off to the supermarket with cabbages and tomatoes
Happy children enjoyed a donkey cart ride the day we broke up and thought it was hilarious when one of the wheels came off the cart when they were half a mile away from the school and they all tipped sideways and had to walk back. It would never happen in England!!

Here we have some Happy farmers off to the supermarket with cabbages and tomatoes. To date Dave has sold 2 tonnes of tomatoes from the church site! At Easter we gave all the guys from the site lunch of polony sandwiches, chicken and coke, as a thank you for all their hard work  Happy workers!
Dave was very put out that in the last blog I forgot to say that he was my Hero. Just before Graham and Belinda arrived we were woken  one night by Izzy barking and barking. Dave went out to find a snake on the veranda. He bravely attacked it with the broom and killed it. Happy wife! It was only when we looked it up on the internet that we found out it was a Puff Adder, the snake that kills more people in Africa than any other! I'm Happy it's the snake that bit the dust and not Dave!! Dave insisted on keeping his prize for Graham to see but it got so smelly Graham ended up burying it...

Wilson and Anna with some of their children and a niece.
This Happy family photo is of Anna and Wilson with their children in their new home in St Peters. Anna featured in one of the earliest blogs with her ninth child William who is now 11 months old. We took Phil and Sarah Varley and their four children , who are visiting New Creation church from Kings Catford as they wanted to see how the people out there are coping with all the challenges they face. The families are really pleased with their 2 roomed houses as they can call them their own and be settled for the first time in their lives. Wilson is trying to start a vegetable garden and has found water by digging a well, but has lost a lot of his plants to white ants.

The latest Happy event in the church has been the arrival of Taps and Flora's little son Tinaye Micah Chizana on Easter Sunday. Haven't seen him yet but they are all doing well and the girls love him!!
Now Happy hour is upon us. No I'm not drinking! Just a reminder that now your clocks have changed, we are only one hour ahead of you instead of two... Just in case you thought of skyping..
Well I am now Happy to sign off as uploading photos onto the blog is such a challenge here and this blog has taken two days to complete!

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  1. Hi Dave & June.
    The song of the month for Dave "Then a Hero comes along"well done Dave,hope you dodn't waste the snake meat ??Love all the photos you post June makes it all so much more real.
    2tonnes of Toms that amazing Dave and all those cabbages ,must eat your greens!!!Loved the shot of the Children in the cart just magic..The smile on X face is lovely,and Dave s not looking to bad either.
    The look on Anna and Wilson in their new home is lovely well done to all and Praise God.
    wheres a shot of you June??
    And why aren't you drinking June I am sure at Happy hour I would be.
    Still praying for you both daily..and a belated Happy Easter to you,may you both and those with you know daily the Resurrection power of our mighty GOD,stay safe and in good health.
    Love always Ted & Brenda xxxxx always most of the XXXX for June {:o)