Thursday, 7 March 2013


Relaxing at Hillside Dams

G is for Graham and Belinda, Jake and Beth who have recently been out for  a visit. It was so lovely to spend time with them and be able to show them what we have been up to. It was such a good time of sharing our hearts and being encouraged by them. But we are seriously missing them now! Gulp!!

Sarah singing happy birthday to Pieson
They really enjoyed visiting the gorgeous children at the ECD which has now been running for five weeks. The 24 children have settled really well and love playing with the toys. Many of them are from really poor homes so won't have had toys to play with or experienced structured activities before. We run the school very much like a reception class in he UK, so the children have free play, structured play and focussed activities based around literacy and numeracy. They have begun to join in the songs (sung in English) and love Ring a Ring o Roses which must be a bit double dutch to them!!    

X talking to the children about butternut seeds
G   is for gardening. Baba X spent some time with the children this week teaching them how to plant seeds and grow them according to Farming God's way.             
So far they have planted butternut and green beans and will be watering and weeding as well as eventually eating them as part of their education. X also talked to them about how amazing God is to be able to turn one seed into many as he cut open a butternut for them to see.

G is for more growing. The cabbages you saw growing at Lewis' have now all been sold. Many of them went to local supermarkets and here we are pointing them out in TM's! I think we look pretty glamourous! Since this, about 15,000 more cabbages have been planted  on the different sites.                                                    Our application for a renewal of our Residents permit Grinds on and on! We have been asked for more details in the last two days and are madly trying to get information together. The inspection of all the projects linked to the business took place last week and now we have to wait and see what happens. Its all quite exhausting and depressing as you get the feeling you are not really believed or wanted!
I will sign off here with a   GOOD NIGHT!


  1. HI Dave & June, continuing to pray and trust that you are both in Good health.Also praying that GOD will have His way with the Visa application in other words "Yes 0r No" its Gods way ..
    Cabbages look big and green well done guys.
    Dave your Head is getting "browner" and June you are looking "Hot" hehe !!
    Love to you both we never cease praying for you daily.

    Love Ted & Brenda xxxx Kissess for June just x for Dave...{:o)

  2. I just spent ten minutes typing a reply that I was really pleased with only to have it disappear as I tried to have it published!
    Here is my attempt recapture the sheer brilliance of my previous epistle! ;-)

    Its good to hear how you guys are getting on out there. It must be wonderful to be used by God to bless so many people in so many diverse ways.

    I didn't know you very well before you left as I was a relative newcomer but seeing your faces on the screens on a recent Sunday, it was still like seeing cherished family members.

    Like Ted I am praying for God's will in all your circumstances. Should you be planning to visit any time soon, it would be wise to stock up on thermal undies as it is getting colder rather than more spring like!

    Be blessed and strengthened.
    If it eats it this time, I'm just gonna send kisses next attempt!