Saturday, 10 August 2013

What the L?

The boys Birthday Party
Long flight long sleep and now we are back to normal (almost)! The past three weeks has been amazing. Such a lovely time with friends and family (you know who you are!). Longing to see you all again...Laughing at some great memories that will keep us going for a while! Glad to say that Toffee the Labrador still remembers us as do many Long standing and loyal friends!
The family in Constable Country
Our long-suffering family were amazing and treated us like royalty, feeding us and treating us far beyond the call of duty. What a privilege to have such wonderful kids! We really enjoyed lying in, loafing about, and listening to your stories. 
Emily the Diva
Last but not least thanks to the leaders and members of Kings Church, the best Church family in the world, who support us in every way, especially in prayer, and for which we are eternally grateful.Looking forward now to another year with, hopefully, some let-up in the opposition and less problems! We will leave you with this thought.. "L" is not a place you want to visit and love you all!

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