Thursday, 4 July 2013

So now its K.

Watch out for the crocs, Adz!!
Adz Brennan has been our most recent visitor and fortunately for him he came kitted out with

 the normal goodies required by the Deans if you want to keep in our good books and don't want to be kicked out!
The offending lion.
He brought cheese and chocolate... Hallelujah! I'm only kidding of course. Its not necessary, but it certainly helps!! Adz wanted to work alongside Dave while he was here so he was up at 5.30 more than once and didn't even have a kip in the afternoons. Being a student I'm not sure he had known of this time even existing, but I'm sure he has learnt a lot from the experience. He was heard to say one day,(and I quote) "It's amazing what you can get done by 9 o'clock isn't it?" It wasn't all work while he was with us ,though. We took him to Chipangali, a wildlife rescue centre. Graham and the family had enjoyed going there to see the lions fed so we thought Adz would too. Sadly boys will be boys and Dave and he decided to wind the lions up by rattling their cage! One of them responded by turning his back and spraying them! That's what you get for messing with the king of the jungle! I know its not kind to laugh but I just couldn't help myself.

The key to wildlife spotting at Whovi Game park, we discovered is to kick back the covers and get there early. So we arrived before 7 am after a 50 minute drive and one of the first things we saw were two rhino! This is very unusual as there are only 15 in the whole park and many native Zimbo's have never even seen one! Whovi is the only place in this part of Zim that you can see them because they are poached relentlessly. So its good to know the rangers there have AK 47's with them!

Breakfast time.
very quiet we managed to observe them for about 10 minutes before a man on a bike came along and frightened them off. Another amazing spot was a baby giraffe born the previous night and still struggling to stand. A very knotty problem when you're born six
feet tall and your knobbly knees keep
Where's my Mum?
 Adz came to us a week before the rest of his team from the Kings Arms, Bedford came to lead some meetings in New Creation Church and  then churches in Harare. We had a good time with them as leaders and enjoyed the meetings in the evenings too. Lots of evidence of  Kingdom power in healings and people being set free. The team are on their way to Harare as I type...

My favourites, the hippos.
It hasn't been all play, though it may sound like it to you. Dave has been very busy selling what seems like thousands of cabbages to different outlets and I am back at school for the second half of the term. We don't break up until early August here so have a 4 week break then. We still don't know if elections will happen any time soon although registration is being carried out at the moment. Kidz Klub continues to go well each Saturday as we look at some Bible Heroes.
The Alpha course at Hamara has been awesome as the keenness of the church members  and the kindness of the farm in providing chicken each week has been amazing.  On June 23rd (kindly arranged as a birthday treat, NOT) we had the Holy Spirit day with Dave doing his usual act of telling everyone about how romantic he was when we first met and using me as his stooge. I was made to carry a bag of mealy meal on my head instead of the usual back pack in one illustration! Nine people gave their lives to Christ and several were baptised in the spirit. Who could ask for a better birthday than that? When we get back from our trip it is planned to run an Alpha in Trenance.
We are back to the U.K in just two weeks time now, to visit Kith and Kin! We can't wait to see everyone and especially to give the kids and  grandkids a kiss. And to our friends in Eastbourne get the kettle on... I'd kill for a cuppa of good English tea...I'm going to give my keypad a rest now as I spent two hours writing this last night only to lose it!! So now I'm feeling well and truly  kippered!!

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