Friday, 4 April 2014

Two tremendous weeks!

Tears flowed when we dropped Graham and Beth at the airport, but we've had a terrific time with them over the last two weeks. We talked non stop and tried to fit in as much as possible.                                                                          Here Graham and Beth are travelling in style in the back of the truck to visit Hamara Farm where
Thembalezizwe has a five grade school.
Grahams tell-tale red nose after a few days of this testified to the fact that not all the days were cloudy and they saw plenty of sun..... Beth really enjoyed her time at E.C.D. and was a great help. On her last day the children sang theirThursday song...... "Thursday is our special day, special day,special day Thursday is our special day, its Aunty Beths special day! (sung to the tune of London Bridge is falling down). She had to sit in the middle of the circle while the children talked about why they liked her. Apparently she plays nicely, laughs a lot and doesnt hit others!! We are very grateful for Graham and Belindas parenting skills!!
We had a really lovely time when we went to visit Pastor Peter a friend of Tope the leader of Jubilee Church, Enfield and a great friend of Grahams. Peter pastors a large church and also runs a family centre. He and his wife, Georgina laid on an tantalizing spread  for us at their home in Bulawayo. What a lovely couple!

Tendai and baby Nesia
Taurai and Tendai have been blessed with a beautiful baby girl called Nesia (miracle!) born on Thursday the 27th. So far, Makanaka (2) is very taken with his little sister but he also he often totters into school and sits down with the children and is no trouble at all!

Graham preaching at Hamra with Simanga translating
The first Sunday Graham was here we had a joint meeting with all three congregations. A real time of celebration and it was great to all be together. The next time the churches will all be together will be for our Easter Camp! Each congregation will have its own meeting on Good Friday and then all get together on Saturday for seminars and sport activities. People from out of town will then "camp" overnight. Men in the childrens shelter and ladies/ kids in the church building! Should be fun!!! We, of course, will return to our warm bed.

 Camping with Graham and Beth in Hwange with a lion prowling outside has decidedly put me off camping in tiny tents for good!! A very traumatic, terrifying experience, NOT to be repeated!! But thats another tale....

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