Sunday, 29 September 2013

I've noticed many negative words start with N!

The offending tree which pulled down the power lines

can possibly understand the frustrations of living in a society where
cares about a job well done, or even a job done! Unless you've ever lived here that is... Three weeks ago a whirlwind ripped down the electricity lines at one of the plots, burning two acres of field and the company took three days to get around to fixing it so that the crops could be watered using the borehole pump. Last Saturday a storm brought down a tree on the power lines at 1 B D. Despite repeated requests, begging  phone calls and visits, the line was only finally fixed this afternoon, Wednesday. So the plants put in last week have received no water from the pumped irrigation since Saturday and are severely damaged. (The temperatures are in the mid 30's) we have probably lost 1,000 out of the 3,000.When the men did come eventually on Tuesday, they spent three hours sitting under a tree cooking breakfast over a fire and chatting! GRRRRR! It seems to be a National disease
Some negative happenings can have a positive outcome, though

Taking cabbages home

Never have we seen so many happy ladies as were at 1 BD last week. The cabbages, not fit to sell because of a moth infestation, were offered to the locals free. Many of the E.C.D. parents and their friends came to cut them either to feed their own families or to sell for a few rand. Several loads went to St Peters too as they are really suffering out there.   

Cutting the cabbages

It is a sad fact that many people are feeling the effects of lack of resources here and some are definitely going  hungry and starving. We monitor the children's height and weight at ECD and none have gained weight and many have lost! Nevertheless they are the happiest, most loveable children you could wish to meet. None of them ever complain and are always so obedient.                                                                                                                                                                  
Eating lunch together before the long walk home.
The number
of children attending the Hamara kidz klub has increased of late as the church has decided to feed them. Many of the kids walk at least 3k to get there and by the time we finish at 12 are unable to face the long walk home on an empty stomach. Here they are enjoying sadza, rice and half a sausage. In case you didn't know, it is traditional to eat with your hands out here but rice is a bit tricky so spoons are provided! 
Nature is running wild here now summer has arrived and the Jacaranda trees are beautiful with their purple blossom covering the streets as well as the trees. All the streets are tree-lined here so its quite a picture at times.
Jacaranda trees lining a road in Suburbs

 Nothing seems to be going right at 1 BD at the moment, so Dave is finding it particularly tough, as there is little income and the future of the plot looks bleak.. We are looking for answers but at the moment they are nowhere to be found, it seems! Neither of us can believe that it is right for guys to lose their jobs, but at the moment it looks as if there is no alternative.

Next time we hope for better  news and "O" being  positive like my blood, so until then night, night...


Tuesday, 3 September 2013


Many things have happened since our return to Zim. Mostly BAD!! How did the Missionaries of old do it without the support of friends, family and church on the internet? Mammoth problems with the crops through an infestation of Moths (at least they start with the right letter!) greeted us on our return, together with a stolen spare wheel, Money illegally taken from our bank account, a Motor vehicle ripping into the front fence at the site at 1BD, a combi backing into our stationary car, I Mean What is going on??? Well we know the Man behind it and we won't give in although Morale has been pretty low at times! Sometimes it feels as if we are Making our way through a Maze.. and we just can't find the right way. It is often hard to Motivate ourselves so please keep praying for us that we hear the Master's voice clearly. Sorry to Moan. There is some positive news in the Midst of the Muddle!
One of the groups praying for each other

Dave doing his thing at Alpha with Simanga translating

Two weekends ago we had a Magical
time with about 70 young people on their Holy Spirit weekend. They are all students at Ebenezer Agricultural Training Centre. Dave did all the talks and the response was amazing with Many salvations and people being filled with the \spirit and speaking in tongues. That was an encouraging time!
Mama June (that's what they call me here) is really looking forward to getting back to school this week as I've Missed the kids a lot. We are also back with Kidz Klub next Saturday so no More loafing about in the sun for Me!

Noma still looking traumatised but happy with her new teddy.
Sadly one of the children from the ECD was quite badly burnt on her feet with boiling water last weekend. The wounds got infected and she is still in hospital. So Many children are left in the care of older siblings when their parents need to try to earn some Money. We have visited, prayed for her and taken her food and toys but hospital  here is not a nice place to be!   Her grandmother, who looks after her,(her own mother had her when she was 17!) had to leave her other three children  behind in Trenance on their own and we found they had no food! The ladies from the church have since been keeping an eye on them. Medicine is also very expensive out here so we will need to make sure that Noma gets all she needs once she is at home. I'll close with a picture of our two lovely Mucky, Mischievous, Mixed - up, Mad and Muddy dogs who help to keep us sane..
(well I had to get some more M's in somehow!)