Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Obviously, O

Brad Ruth and Ethan

We were overjoyed recently to meet up again with our "old" friends Brad and Ruth with their little six month old, Ethan. They had to leave Zim last December and the one thing that overshadowed the trip here was that it was to say final goodbyes to friends as they won't be back. The friends they stayed with while here have also been ousted this week!. We will soon be the only ones left!
We did manage to grab a couple of nights away with them, though. We visited Great Zimbabwe, a National Heritage site, which was very interesting, although the weather was very English while we were there.

Some of the walls in the mist.
This ruined city is the largest stone structure ever built south of the Sahara and occupies a large area. It is not really odd that occasionally we like to do something educational! They are dry stone walls and enormously thick and, in Dave's opinion, more impressive than Pevensey Castle. We also went to the game park nearby and were overwhelmed to see a whole host of rhino. (A crash of rhino I'm led to believe)
Amazing rhino, dehorned to protect them from poachers
Obviously that was a bit of a highlight as many people who have grown up here have never seen one rhino, let alone ten. They didn't seem overly  bothered by us so came outrageously close and we were able to stay in the open to watch.

Some of the guests at the celebration

It was an outstanding occasion when Edmund, the chicken out grower, and his wife Ruth invited all the leaders of the church to a celebration meal. Local people do not ordinarily do such things but they wanted to thank everyone for their help and support and to thank God for their changed lives. It was an occasion of great celebration and overflowing gratitude. They are now able to support themselves and their youngest son will soon be off to university.

Lots of smiles. Or are they laughing at you darling?
Dave is having more and more input into the church leadership. This includes showing them his outstanding soccer skills. (He scored the first goal) Mike the elder at Hamara Farm congregation hosted a braai for the leaders and trainee leaders of Thembalezizwe and as they are obsessed with soccer out here, it seemed a good way to get the men interacting. Naturally the game was a bit one sided and the Trenance team won by a mile. (or should that be smile).
Overcast skies and the occasional shower has been typical of the weather this week, so we hope the outlook is good for outbursts of proper rains soon. We have had some outrageously violent thunderstorms occurring too!
Okay, I'd better end here. Oops, forgot to say, we are fine, pressing and onwards, trying to overcome the many obstacles as best we can. So from us, until the next overrated blog,  its over and out!
(acknowledgements to Julliette Farrer for many O words to help my tired brain!)